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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q. Do I have to have a beard in order to participate in the community?
  • A. While sweatered chinism is highly encouraged; we know that not everyone can yield a chiseled jaw of fierce awesomeness and power. We won’t hold it against you… unless you ask us to.

  • Q. Where is CSC based out of?
  • A. Our servers and our core members are based in the U.S. However, we are an international community with members from the U.K. and Germany, as well as several other countries.

  • Q. I noticed that I can donate to CSC. Why would a gaming community need financial support?
  • A. Community is the lifeblood of any successful gaming clan. CSC provides servers for community members who are looking for a great place to game. Servers are only good if they are online, and because CSC always wants your gaming experience to be an excellent one, we run our servers on high-end equipment. Additional costs include things like, internet service, static IP addresses, domains, and dynamic DNS, etc. The cost of our servers is supported by clan leadership, and member donations. If you enjoy playing on our servers, and would like to contribute to their continued up-time, please feel free to donate. No amount is considered too small, and any amount given is much appreciated.

  • Q. Do I receive any perks for donating?
  • A. The server owner will personally extend, to you, the firmest virtual handshake you have ever had.

  • Q. I would be interested in having someone teach me how to be a better player, is there anyone that can help me?
  • A. That’s what we’re all here for. Most of our members are very helpful and would be happy to assist you with developing your gameplay or showing you some tips/tricks to help you along the way. Just post something in the general chat to get started.

  • Q. M.C. Hammer told me, specifically, that “you CAN’T touch this.” Is that true?
  • A. False, we CAN touch this.

  • Q. What is “ST11” and is it contagious?
  • A. ST11 is the CSC core clan/team and is an acronym for “S.E.A.L. Team 11”. ST11, at it’s roots, is a MILSIM group but, enjoys casual gaming on many different titles.

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