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Our Story and Ethos:
Founded in 2016, by Matt Cooper, CSC began as a place for a few friends to get together and hang out, pure and simple. From there, it continually develped into an evergrowing community of
like-minded gamers who were looking for a place to share stories, chat, and game. Today, CSC hosts dedicated servers for several popular titles but, despite it's success, still remains true to it's roots as relaxed environment to enjoy the company of fellow gamers. We're always accepting new members so, come join the family in our Discord. 

"Hey, thanks for stopping by and checking us out. If you're looking for a gaming community to call 'home', you've found the right place. Come join the chatter, in our Discord community, and introduce yourself. We look forward to seeing you there!"



Our community members play a wide variety of titles. As such, we do our best to provide numerous dedicated servers, to accommodate community interests. Below you'll find some of the titles that our members play, including some of the dedicated servers we host. Dedicated channels can be found for these games, and more, in our Discord server.

Looking for our Star Citizen Page?

Due to the immense amount of detail that Star Citizen demands, we have dedicated a completely separate site to our Star Citizen organization. Click below to discover more. 

Having a techinal issue? 
If you're having a technical issue with one of the servers (bans, inability to connect, etc), please open a suport ticket via our discord server for assistance. 


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