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  1. Cooper
    We just uploaded a ton of graphics to help you maximize your game play and survival experience in DayZ. Whether you're new to the game or a seasoned pro, chances are you'll learn a thing or 2 to help you hone your skills. You can view the album, here. 
    Image Credit: @AsmondianA (Twitter)
  2. Cooper
    It's official! We've launched our initial Rust and DayZ servers! 
    While we have plans to launch additional servers (varying versions), for each game, we wanted to announce that our first run of Rust and DayZ servers are up and running. On our site, you can see a listing of the servers or read about any applicable servers rules. Feel free to pop in and shoot or make friends. ?
  3. Cooper
    Introducing: "Community Game Nights"!

    So many of you have asked us to let you know when we're playing a certain game again or who's playing what. Well, we've decided to put some reoccurring events on the calendar.
    Beginning February 1st, we'll have regular events loaded onto the community calendar. We'll be including classics ranging from "The Forest" and "Sea of Thieves" to community brawlers like "Among Us", "Worms Rumble", and "Gang Beasts". The goal is to provide everyone the opportunity to group up or meet up on certain nights/days and know what the plan is for game play. This doesn't mean that you can't hop in chat and play another game. It simply allows community members, wanting to play certain games, a scheduled night to hop on and play with other fans of that title. 
    At the moment, we're looking at a 2 week revolving schedule. So, "Rusty Thursdays" (Rust) will be every other Thursday night. The same applies to other titles. If we see that that a title is no longer of general interest, we can swap it out with another that community members would like to play. We're still finalizing the technical specifics but, we're going to try and incorporate some RSVP options with one of the Discord bots so you can see who all or how many plan to be there. At the moment, we have the following on the schedule:
    Stationeers The Forest  Worms Rumble Sea of Thieves Arma3 (MILSIM with ST11) Wargame: Red Dragon Hell Let Loose Gang Beasts American Truck Simulator Warzone Rust Escape from Tarkov Red Dead 2 DayZ This is a new chapter in our community so, we welcome feedback and/or suggestions. We're looking forward to providing a more enriched environment for our members. Please make sure to put comments in the general chat of our Discord server if you have any input. 
  4. Cooper
    Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, your uncle Larry's adult website...ok, maybe not the last one...
    If you're a streamer, we're interested in adding you to our social media announcements. No charge, no expectations, no non-sense. We're just looking to help promote our community members' streams and add some content to our social media outlets. If you'd like to participate, either tag Cooper in general chat or send him a direct message. 
  5. Cooper
    We've received a few suggestions for community-based servers and have discussed it, among the staff. We feel that it would be best to toss up a poll to get some general feedback on what you guys would like to see. In our discord server, we'll be following this post with a poll. The poll will have some previously submitted suggestions. If you have another suggestion, please post it in the general chat and tag me. Keep in mind, we're looking for options that we can host a dedicated server for. If you're not certain, go ahead and submit the suggestion and we can determine if we're able to, on the back end. Please add options and/or vote on the options that you'd be interested in. 
    Ultimately, we're looking for ways we can provide a more enriched atmosphere for our members. We appreciate your time and help with guiding CSC into 2021. 
  6. Cooper
    The new year has already brought some interesting events and changes, for several folks. For us, it brought some sweet upgrades! We've already migrated our site to a new host that's faster/more reliable. Additionally, we've upgraded our community gaming-server hardware! Not much more to report on it other than, we're excited to have bigger and better opportunities for the CSC Community. ? Bare with us as we bring things back online and up to speed. 
  7. Cooper
    As 2021 kicks off, the staff has been discussing spinning up some community servers for a few different games. A few different titles have been kicked around and we have some ideas in mind (including Ark: Survival Evolved, a few DayZ SA options, and a few Arma3 Exile options), as well. What we'd really like is to hear from our community members. What are some titles that you'd like to see us host for CSC Community Servers? Please either comment in the #general Discord channel or, reply to this announcement. 
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