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Exile Server Rules and Conduct


    Don't be a dick. Racism, discrimination, homophobia, or any sort of hate speech WILL NOT be tolerated. In the same breath, this isn't a daycare so, if you're easily offended, you may want to find another place to hang out.
  • PVP/PVP:
    This is a PVP and PVE server. The environment is hostile (zombies, AI, missions, etc.) and conditioned to provide a great experience for those wanting to survive the elements. However, PVP engagements are welcomed anywhere on the map. There are no designed "zones". If someone shoots you in the face, and it didn't absolutely bring joy to your life, then return the favor and bring feng shui to the ecosystem. If someone raids you, then raid them back. It's how the world maintains balance. That being said, we don't tolerate griefing. If you can't handle getting shot or raided by other players then you might need to find somewhere else to play. Griefing includes anything along the lines of relentless negative treatment of other players.
    We don't tolorate it. No exception.
    No ramming or intentionally running someone over in the trade zones. Stealing vehicles/property IS allowed in trade zones. This is a survival game mode. Lock/protect your belongings
    Do not stack base objects next to each other (this includes walls, floors, and doors). There should be enough space to walk between panels. Do not block your flag with base items that are not destroyable (including as fireplaces, workbenches, water barrels, etc.). Do not place your flag inside map objects (including rocks, power poles, and trees). However, putting a building base post around your flag is allowed. No floating bases. Base height is limited to 30m. Scripting is in place to remind you. No bases should be built in a location or manner that interferes with AI or military loot spawning. This means no building near enough to a static mission or military loot that it causes things NOT to spawn. This also includes building near, over, or on a road.
    A custom script has been implemented to aid you with moving your base. It will allow you to abandon your flag and purchase a new one, all within the same server session. We do not compensate for flags, levels, gear, or funds that may have been lost in the move unless it was related to a server specific issue.
    This is ARMA. It is a cruel mistress. You will undoubtedly die, lose gear, sky rocket across the map, and/or explode for no particular reason. This is one of the many joys of playing ARMA. Some would say that it's even a "feature". We do not compensate for lost gear, tabs, loot, vehicles, or respect, in these circumstances unless it was related to a server specific issue.
    Be polite and be patient with our staff. This is a our hobby, not our job! Admins will use their discretion in deciding a suitable outcome and in most circumstances, you will be warned first.

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